Food Safety Requirements of Microwave Heating Equipment for Boxed Meals

- May 06, 2019 -

Some time ago, there were news reports: reporters first came to a large supermarket to understand that there are all kinds of conveniences sold in the supermarket, which are uniform packaging, the back of the box is printed with & ldquo; PC7 & rdquo; the label on the convenience box is marked with & ldquo; can be used for microwave heating & rdquo;. Staff also said that the lunch box can be used for microwave oven heating equipment. In another large supermarket in the city center, there is still no & ldquo; PP5 & rdquo; logo on the back, and the staff answer is & ldquo; it can be used for microwave heating & rdquo;.

Then, if it is to be used for microwave heating , what material of tableware should be used? Consumer feedback PP material tableware is the most appropriate, and is currently recognized by the industry, several other types are not heat-resistant, used for microwave heating is not appropriate. Even if PP5 tableware is used for heating, it is also conditional, and can be used below 130 C.

PP5 material refers to No.5 polypropylene (PP) material, which can carry hot drinks or hot food, and can be put into microwave heating equipment heating. At present, there are endless plastic lunch boxes for microwave heating on the market, such as PVC, PC, composite PP, ordinary plastic and so on.

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< p> PVC material will release vinyl chloride monomer after heating, which will have toxic effects on nervous system, bone and liver during migration after food contact. When PC material is heated, it will release low toxic chemical bisphenol A, which will also affect human health. Only on the market print & ldquo; PP5 & rdquo; logo, in the microwave heating equipment heating is relatively safe, but when heating, try not to use a lid to seal, this need to be noted.

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