Customization process of microwave drying sterilization equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment is made of microwave technology. Now with the development of technology, the application of microwave equipment is more and more extensive. Then how to choose microwave equipment? According to the application experience of the industry in the past 10 years and the actual production of customers, microwave drying and sterilization equipment is briefly described below:

< p> 1. Users need to understand the principle and application of microwave, and analysis is made at the same time. In view of the type of microwave equipment needed for our products, we should consider the performance and energy consumption;

2, contact the relevant manufacturers. After understanding certain principles, contact the corresponding manufacturers, we can first communicate by telephone, then select two or three of them from numerous production for further detailed discussion;

3, go to the manufacturer's site inspection and test, through the factory's site inspection, production capacity understanding, and on-site test of products, comprehensive feasibility analysis of equipment;

4, detailed explanation of the manufacturer's offer. Equipment plans and drawings are further amended according to the factory site and power supply to the satisfaction of both parties;

5. Sign a contract to finalize the price, transportation, delivery and after-sales of equipment and determine the sales contract;

6. Equipment is ordered for production, and material production is ordered after the contract is signed, the production cycle of general equipment is 20-35 days, and the specific time basis is given. The size of equipment power is determined;

7. After the microwave drying equipment is produced, the logistics transportation goes directly to the customer site;

8. The microwave equipment is installed and debugged on the spot, and helps the customer to make specific production process and improve efficiency;

9. After-sales service, the equipment is periodically visited and inspected to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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