New Microwave Energy Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Promotes Intelligent Production of Agricultural Cooperatives

- May 06, 2019 -

Fruit and vegetable dryer is a microwave dryer for agricultural and sideline food. It is mainly used for drying and sterilizing fruits and vegetables. It has fast drying speed, obvious effect and guaranteed product quality.

fruit and vegetable dryer uses microwave to heat the whole material in a non-contact way, which overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional process, and the effect is more remarkable. Traditional drying process uses heat conduction method to heat the material, heat is transferred from the surface of the material to the interior, and the working time is long, the heating is not uniform, which easily affects the quality of the product; while the characteristics of microwave heating make the surface of the material heated uniformly at the same time, the heating speed is fast, the working efficiency is high, and will not affect the characteristics of the material, greatly maintaining the original product. Colors, nutrients, etc.

Fruit and vegetable dryer uses microwave thermal effect and biological effect to achieve the purpose of sterilization and fungicidal removal of fruit trees. Its principle is that microwave thermal effect denatures protein and causes bacteria to lose nutrition, reproduction and living environment and die. Microwave biological effect is that microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane and affects the permeability of cell membrane, so bacteria are malnourished and cannot. Normal metabolism, growth and development are inhibited and death occurs; at the same time, electromagnetic field will also affect the normal division of bacteria (such as the breakdown of hydrogen bonds in genetic material, recombination, etc.). Fruit and vegetable dryer

is an advanced food machinery equipment, mainly made of stainless steel plate, with strong heat insulation and corrosion resistance; the application of PLC system, tunnel structure, pipeline continuous work, enhanced the cohesion of the overall production; equipped with infrared temperature measurement, hot and cold air equipment, real-time monitoring, accurate temperature control.

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