Microwave roasting and ripening equipment for drying, sterilization and deodorization of black rice grain

- May 06, 2019 -

The microwave baking equipment takes the heated material itself as the heating body. The microwave baking action can instantaneously penetrate into the inside of the material, so that both inside and outside of the material are heated at the same time without heat conduction. Therefore, the temperature rise is very fast and the heating time is greatly shortened. The time required is generally about 1/4 of the conventional method. Baking, like other food processing, is a complex physical and chemical system, which requires orderly occurrence and appropriate time/temperature conditions.

Rapid microwave heating can cause breakage, overexpansion or explosion of baked products. The microwave heating speed is fast, and the temperature of gas (air) inside the material rises sharply. Because of the slow mass transfer speed, the heated gas is in a high pressure state, and has the tendency of expansion. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the material will expand. Black rice was sorted by sorting machine and heated by microwave, which made the temperature of black rice rise, and achieved the effect of deleaching beany and sterilization. The deodorized whole black rice was peeled and ground into powder by a crusher and packed. Its characteristics are short production cycle, less investment in equipment, high utilization rate of black rice, deodorization, low energy consumption, high automation and low production cost. All proteins except black rice peel were retained. The heating temperature is about 100 C, and the heating time can play the role of deodorization and sterilization in a few minutes.

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