Case Analysis of Hebei Provincial Preserved Fruit Heat Pump Dryer Project

- May 06, 2019 -

Project of preserved fruits heat pump dryer in a food processing plant in Hebei Province, with daily output of 10 tons of raw materials and 2 tons of finished products, the original drying method is coal-fired boilers (the government is banning coal-fired boilers). The drying time is 20 hours, and the existing 10 drying rooms are all transformed into heat pump drying. An integrated drying and dehumidification heat pump is adopted. The system mainly includes heat pump unit, temperature and humidity control system and highly intelligent integrated system.

Relevant design technical parameters are as follows: the size of drying room is 6-times; 4-times; 2.5m; the total amount of dried preserved fruit is 1000 kg each time; the amount of dehydration is 800 kg; the drying time is 15 hours each time; the temperature of drying room is adjustable by stages, the inner wall of drying room is made of stainless steel, the condenser and fan are made of stainless steel shell or antiseptic spraying treatment; the heat pump unit is designed for ultra-low temperature. The unit can operate normally at - 25 C.

According to Party A's requirement, two integrated dryers with 10 pieces were equipped. The dehydration capacity of preserved fruits is 1000kg-times; 0.8=800kg, that is 800kg-times for evaporating 800kg of water; 2260kJ/kg-divide; 4.178kJ/kcal=432742.9kcal; the heat dissipation of drying room is calculated by 30%, and the heat required for drying 1000kg is (432742.9kcal+1326.6kcal+103.2kcal) & divide; 0.7=6202467.7kcal; 10 drying units need 260kL/h, and 800kg of moisture for drying preserved fruits. The drying time is 15 hours, and the air-energy heat pump drying unit is 2. The drying capacity of preserved fruits is 1000 kg, the dehydration rate is 80%, the drying moisture is 800 kg, the average heat required to remove 1 kg of moisture is 1161 calories, the first degree electricity is 860 calories, the first degree electricity is 1 yuan per degree, and the heat pump unit's thermal efficiency is calculated by 400%. Therefore, the daily operating cost is 270 yuan (see the link above for the calculation process). After running the heat pump drying project,

, it has been highly appreciated by Party A. The owner of the processing plant said: & ldquo; before coal drying, special sites were needed to stack and store coal, and two workers were also arranged to add coal and scrape coal ash. After each drying, the processing plant was smoke, and staff were arranged to clean it. Now, the heat pump dryer is convenient, safe and hygienic, even if the customers are satisfied with the quality of preserved fruits without sulfur smoking.

heat pump dryer can be widely used in fruit and vegetable drying, energy saving effect is obvious, installation is convenient, the most important thing is safety and environmental protection.

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