Honeysuckle heat pump dryer is the preferred drying equipment for farmers

- May 06, 2019 -

Honeysuckle is a common Chinese herbal medicine, harvested many crops a year, and has a good economy. Because of the poor color and quality after drying methods such as sunshine, shade and drying. At present, the main producing areas of honeysuckle in China gradually adopt heat pump drying machine room instead of traditional sunshine, shade drying or soil drying room for drying honeysuckle. Compared with other drying technologies and equipment, heat pump drying room has the advantages of large capacity, simple structure, moderate cost, and is not affected by weather conditions. It has become the preferred drying equipment for farmers.

Honeysuckle is usually dried in the second and third green stages. Over green, Honeysuckle turns black and big white needle turns yellow. Fresh Honeysuckle is sprayed in a basket of 2-3 kg and can be dried 10 baskets at a time. The initial temperature in the drying room is generally 35-45 C, 3-4 hours. After fixing and setting, the temperature rises to 50-60 C until drying, which usually takes 24 hours. In the process of drying, we should grasp the humidity well, not high or low, too fast temperature rise may form quick drying, honeysuckle discoloration; too low will affect the amount of drying. Change the coal balls every 2 to 3 hours and move the baskets. Do not overheat locally.

Note: All practical operations are provided by our technicians. Due to different varieties of honeysuckle, the methods are slightly adjusted. After drying, take out honeysuckle and air it at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. After the heat dissipates, pack it in bags for sale. Drying honeysuckle with light blue, hand rubbing powder is the best.

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