New Application of Pharmaceutical Machinery: Microwave Drying and Sterilization Integrated Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

For a long time, traditional heating drying and sterilization methods have been adopted in the pharmaceutical processing industry in China, such as hot air and far infrared drying, high temperature and high pressure, cobalt 60 irradiation and so on. They not only have low thermal efficiency, long heating time and large area, but also are not conducive to environmental protection. At the same time, they should be sterilized at high temperature of 120 C for 20-40 minutes. The pharmacodynamics and nutritional components of the drug are deteriorated to a certain extent. The disadvantages of traditional heating can be solved by using microwave drying and sterilization to give full play to the characteristics of microwave heating and sterilization. For example, the carefully designed microwave dryer and microwave sterilizing equipment for pills can ensure that the processed pills do not crack and have good consistency. The quality of the original pills is maintained and the shelf life is greatly prolonged. In recent years, microwave extraction of medicine has developed rapidly in the drying and sterilization of medicine. Meanwhile, due to the breakthrough of microwave vacuum drying and microwave vacuum freezing sublimation technology, and the newly developed continuous microwave vacuum sterilization equipment is the latest product of our company, which promotes the development of microwave in the pharmaceutical processing industry. The transformation of traditional medicine industry by industrial microwave technology will open up a new road for medicine industry at home and abroad. The application of industrial microwave energy in medicine and other industries is the demand of the majority of manufacturers. It is also the demand of scientific development and human social progress.

industrial microwave is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for drying, sterilization, heating and extraction of Chinese herbal medicines, pills (water pills, honey pills,) powder, granules, tablets and various oral liquids.

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