Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Powder Food Becomes the Best Sterilization Technology

- May 06, 2019 -

Powder food microwave sterilization equipment : Usually in the production process of various powdery products, due to the production conditions and process reasons, the microbial indicators of the products often exceed the standard, which will not be used in some special applications. It is necessary to carry out sterilization treatment in order to meet the use requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to sterilize this product, while microwave sterilization is necessary. Sterilization is the best sterilization technology.

Now we have successfully used in the production of aseptic protein powder, aseptic flour, chili powder, pepper powder, soybean milk powder, soybean powder, oatmeal, black sesame paste, rice powder, pollen, lotus root powder, turtle powder, Pearl powder, vegetable powder and various condiments and medicinal powder. Fully meet the production requirements, new products with its high quality, hygiene, high nutritional content and win the popularity of consumers.

microwave sterilization is an efficient, energy-saving, stable, reliable, simple equipment, easy operation and new technology. In the process of processing natural nutritive food, vacuum freeze-drying and cobalt 60-ray sterilization are usually used to keep all kinds of nutritive ingredients from being destroyed. The process is characterized by high loss, low efficiency and possible radioactive remains. The production practice shows that compared with the original process, it has the advantages of short processing cycle, good product quality, low temperature sterilization and preservation of nutritive ingredients, and improves the efficiency. It saves electricity and achieves obvious economic and social benefits.

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