New technology of rice insecticide and mildew prevention: microwave sterilization equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

The microwave rice insecticidal equipment will provide a new way for safe grain storage in China. This technology will play an important role in ensuring the safety of edible rice and promoting pollution-free production of rice. The rice was treated on-line by microwave anti-insect and anti-mildew technology. A new, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe method of rice anti-insect and anti-mildew was provided through the study of the inhibition test of microwave on rice mildew and the stability of rice storage.

After the polishing process step of rice production line processed into rice or during the process of rice entering warehouse, two processes of microwave treatment and cooling are added. The microwave treatment adopts continuous microwave equipment. The temperature of the microwave equipment for rice or rice leaving is 54-68 C, i.e., the microwave energy for controlling unit mass rice is 0.014-0.030 kW.h/kg, and the electricity consumption is 0.022-0.048 kW.h/kg, so each of them is 0.014-0.030 kW.h/kg. The cost of insecticidal and mildew-proof treatment of kilogram rice is 2-3 cents (calculated at 1 yuan/degree). The cooling means that rice is cooled naturally by air in the buffer bin after it comes out of microwave equipment. The cooling rate of rice or rice is 20-40 centigrade/h when it is cooled from the temperature when it comes out of microwave equipment to 40 centigrade. This method can not only kill pests and eggs in rice or rice quickly and thoroughly (insecticidal rate including adult killing rate and insecticidal eggs rate can reach 100%), but also keep the original nutrition, quality, beauty and flavor of rice without pollution to grain and environment.

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