Superiority of Microwave Sterilization of Food by Manufacturers of Microwave Drying Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Food safety is a major problem facing people nowadays. Nowadays, in the food industry, the common safety measure is to sterilize food. At present, the popular method is to use microwave sterilization equipment and microwave drying sterilization equipment. The microwave sterilization equipment used is the result of the combined action of thermal effect and biological effect of electromagnetic wave. In addition, compared with conventional high temperature sterilization methods, microwave sterilization equipment only needs temperature between 70 and 90 degrees, time is about a few minutes, let's have a detailed understanding of the advantages of microwave sterilization equipment.

Microwave drying sterilization equipment heating uniform, small microwave vacuum drying equipment, heating fast has been widely used, especially in the middle-temperature drying stage, because of the low drying temperature, not only energy-saving but also high drying efficiency. Microwave drying equipment is not only used in food industry, but also widely used in wood industry. However, when drying materials, microwave vacuum drying equipment often encounters a situation. For some heat-sensitive materials or products prone to deformation, deterioration or chemical reaction under high temperature, it is impossible to give high temperature in the processing of materials, and it must be at low temperature. Complete in warm condition. It also needs to be done at low temperature when drying.

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