Microwave Vacuum Dryer for Extract Promotes Pharmacodynamic Efficiency of Products

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave vacuum drying equipment has obvious advantages in prolonging the shelf life of food, preserving the original flavor and nutrient components of food, preserving the physiological activity of raw materials, enhancing the functionality of health food and increasing the added value of agricultural and sideline products. First, microwave vacuum drying technology can effectively keep the shape, color, nutrition and aroma of materials unchanged. These characteristics are particularly important for the production of health care products, but can greatly save energy. The sublimation heat of

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< p> materials needs to be supplemented when they are treated by freeze-drying method. Under vacuum conditions, the vaporization temperature of water is low, the low temperature drying is realized, the original color, fragrance, taste and nutritional components of the processed materials are well maintained, the oxidative deterioration of the active ingredients in the materials is avoided, and the products are well rehydrated; microwave penetrates into the materials, and the rotary system drives the materials to do rotary motion, so that the materials are heated more uniformly, dried more quickly, and the operation cost is far away. It is lower than freeze-drying and infrared drying, energy saving, consumption reduction, sanitation and environmental protection. Making full use of microwave heating uniform material with small temperature difference between inside and outside, it not only takes advantage of the characteristics of vacuum drying, but also solves the problem of difficult heat conduction in vacuum, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and product quality. According to the data at home and abroad, the speed and efficiency of heating materials with microwave equipment is 4-20 times higher than that of conventional heating methods. The microwave vacuum drying extract is mainly heated by microwave energy. The extract itself generates heat rapidly and evaporates water to achieve the purpose of drying. This drying method does not need to be conducted through medium. Microwave energy directly acts on the extract. There will be no surface hardening and difficult drainage in the drying process. At the same time, the evaporation temperature of water will not appear in the drying process. Degree is directly related to atmospheric pressure. The lower the atmospheric pressure is, the lower the boiling point of water is. At one atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100-deg. C. When the vacuum is less than - 0.9 MPA, the evaporation temperature of water is 30-40 C.

Therefore, under the condition of vacuum, the moisture in the object can evaporate at a lower temperature, which makes the object dry at a lower temperature. The microwave drying temperature of the extract is low, which can maximize the efficacy of the extract. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high drying quality, fast drying speed, low production cost, energy saving, high yield and simple operation. It fully meets the requirements of the extract drying.

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