Technical Characteristics and Value Uses of Microwave Dryer for Mineral Products

- May 06, 2019 -

Application of Microwave Dryer for Mineral Products : Microwave Dryer for Mineral Products is mainly used for heating, drying or chemical reaction of ore materials. Conveyor belt drive is suitable for drying powdery, small and uniform mineral materials. Special requirements for other chemical reactions can be customized according to different processes. Microwave heating is different from traditional heating in that it does not need heat conduction from surface to inside, but directly heats materials through energy dissipation of microwave in materials. According to different properties of materials (electrical conductivity, magnetic conductivity, dielectric constant), microwave can generate heat in time and effectively in the whole material. 。 The application of microwave heating in metallurgy has the following advantages that can not be compared with traditional heating methods.

(1) Selective heating of materials has fast heating rate and high heating efficiency; < / P >

(2) Microwave can promote both endothermic and exothermic reactions and catalyze chemical reactions; < / P >

(3) When microwave heating is used instead of traditional heating, melting and other high temperature chemical reactions can be carried out at very low temperatures < / P >

that is, microwave heating can reduce chemical reaction. The effect of temperature;

(4) Microwave energy can make atoms and molecules vibrate at high speed, thus creating more favorable thermal

mechanical conditions for chemical reactions;

(5} Microwave can easily heat polar liquids (such as water, ethanol, various acid-base solutions, etc.), so microwave addition

heat can be used to promote the dissolution of minerals in solvents and improve the teaching of hydrometallurgical process. The microwave itself does not produce any gases, and only the gases produced by reduction or oxidation reaction need to be purified, so

is conducive to environmental protection;

is easy to control automatically.

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