The types and processes of microwave drying equipment for chemical raw materials are quite different.

- May 06, 2019 -

There are many types of microwave chemical raw material drying equipment. Chemical raw material drying (drying) equipment is used for rapid drying and dehydration of powdery, granular and pasty materials, such as cobalt oxalate, nickel hydroxide, dry dew purity, ammonium paratungstate, lithium cobalt, nano-material silicon dioxide, etc. The moisture content reaches 0.5% after drying from 40%, and the drying time only takes 5-6 minutes, except for powdery, granular, granular, etc. In addition to granular and bulk materials, if there are other chemical materials that need to be dried, whether it requires high temperature or low temperature drying, they can be customized as required.

Chemical raw material dryer customizes equipment according to different material characteristics, different drying requirements and drying output. Owing to the wide range of chemical products and obvious differences in material characteristics, it is difficult to systematically classify drying equipment. So for the time being, it is classified according to the appearance of the dried materials. It is divided into powder drying equipment with very small granules, granular product drying equipment, bulk product drying equipment and emulsion product drying equipment. It can dry chemical products with moisture content less than 3-50%. The drying speed is tens of times faster than the traditional drying speed. It is a good helper for chemical product manufacturers.

Chemical raw material drying equipment adopts the latest industrial microwave heating technology, advanced circuit control design such as automatic temperature control, automatic detection of material shortage and shutdown. The inner and outer shells are made of stainless steel. The high-end configuration can be manufactured 24 hours a day. The application of the latest frequency conversion switching power supply technology can effectively reduce the processing cost and reduce the operating load of the equipment. The drying equipment for mixed powder materials is suitable for drying powder materials with 5-30% moisture content and strong absorbing ability, which is better than graphite powder and silicon carbide. Naturally loose products can be dried with ordinary hoppers; products with high moisture content and stickiness need to be vibrated or stirred hoppers. Drying process: feeding hopper Storage & mdash; natural cutting or mixing feeding & mdash; entering drying tunnel & mdash; drying treatment (adjustable and controllable) & mdash; discharging cooling & mdash; product storage.

Emulsion or liquid chemical product drying equipment is mainly used for drying of various low density, high moisture content, not easy to press and filter into bulk emulsion or liquid materials. For the products with good fluidity, automatic blanking device can be used. For the products with poor viscous fluidity, special equipment must be used.

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