The performance of cryolite microwave dryer has reached the international level

- May 06, 2019 -

Cryolite microwave dryer is a new drying equipment developed by microwave on the basis of many experiments. Cryolite microwave dryer has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, large production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency, energy saving, one-time drying, eliminating environmental pollution, and its performance has reached the international advanced technology level. Principle of

cryolite microwave dryer : When the equipment is running, the dried materials are fed into the microwave cavity through the transmission belt, and microwave is fed into the microwave oven through the waveguide. Under the action of high-speed alternating microwave field, the material molecule produces rapid rotational friction. This kind of friction is carried out at a frequency of 2.45 billion times per second (for example, 2450 HMZ microwave frequency), resulting in violent movement of molecules and friction collision, thus generating heat and increasing material temperature. Water in cryolite is a kind of molecule with strong polarity. Under the action of microwave field, water can absorb microwave very quickly and raise its temperature. When the temperature reaches above 60 degrees, water molecules begin to vaporize, forming water vapor to evaporate and separate from other materials. The higher the temperature, the faster the water vapor evaporates, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged from the outside of the cavity by the dehumidification system, thus realizing the material. Drying.

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