Microwave Paper Drying Equipment Book Sterilization Case

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave paper drying equipment is mainly used for insecticidal and sterilization of books, archives, documents, banknotes and other items. The equipment uses microwave insecticidal technology, non-traditional radiation, chemical fumigation and other insecticidal methods. Microwave insecticidal has good insecticidal effect, thorough, safe and other characteristics. The equipment is customized according to the types of books, documents and archives that customers want to insect. Application of

Microwave Paper Drying Equipment : Books, documents, archives and so on are stored for a long time, no one has turned them over for a long time, especially the storage of archives, most of which are almost no one to turn them over again, so for a long time, it is easy to be corroded by insects, bacteria and other organisms, and it will be completely corroded, causing unavoidable damage. Loss. Therefore, books, documents, archives and other paper products should also do a good job of insecticidal and sterilization before long-term storage. The traditional method of insecticidal sterilization is usually fumigated by chemical agents. This method is difficult to kill insects and bacteria in books, documents, archives and other paper products, and will reproduce after a period of time. Moreover, the chemical insecticides contain alcohol, water, etc., which will be attached to the paper. Over time, the paper will fade, yellowing and other phenomena, which is not conducive to long-term preservation. The paper microwave drying equipment to deal with books, archives, documents, currency is a set of effective methods for its long-term preservation.

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