New Application of Microwave Dryer for Perlite Thermal Insulation Plate

- May 06, 2019 -

Perlite thermal insulation board, as a popular building board, has been widely used. Gypsum board, thermal insulation board and asbestos board for building decoration are manufactured by microwave drying equipment with the advantages of short time, fast speed, uniform heating and continuous production. The drying is uniform and thorough, and the drying is carried out synchronously. The product quality is good. Surface will not harden, improve toughness, will not crack, deformation, discoloration, correction of curvature and so on; energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. No waste water or exhaust gas is discharged. Simple equipment, advanced technology, easy to control, can run 24 hours in a row, save space, improve working conditions. The three advantages of microwave dryer in perlite slab industry are

1, fast drying speed, high efficiency and good color of products. According to the data, microwave drying speed is 20 to 30 times faster than convective drying speed.

2, even drying, no distortion, no cracking. Because microwave acts on the inner and outer parts of the material at the same time, the heating is uniform, so the material treated by microwave dries evenly and thoroughly, improves product quality, does not harden, improves toughness, guarantees no cracking, deformation, discoloration, correctable bending and so on.

3, high efficiency and energy saving. Using far infrared and steam energy for material drying, the energy utilization rate is less than 50%, while using microwave as energy can reach more than 75%, which can reduce energy consumption by more than 25% compared with far infrared and steam drying. Microwave drying of perlite insulation board can be completed in only 10-20 minutes. Microwave dryer for perlite panel and microwave drying equipment for fire-proof and thermal insulation door core board are a new special drying equipment for perlite fire-proof panel because of its poor thermal conductivity and thermal insulation, which can not solve the problem of uniform drying by conventional drying methods. The equipment uses high-frequency electromagnetic wave with frequency of 2450 MHZ to heat the perlite plate penetratively, avoiding the thermal conduction process of perlite, realizing rapid heating and evaporation of water in the plate, and drying the perlite fire-proof door core board.

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