Microwave Fast Food Heating Equipment Creates Cold Chain Operation System for Box Food

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave energy is a new kind of energy. It uses its own alternating frequency to make polar molecule heated and rewarmed rapidly in a relatively short time. It also uses its own thermal and biological effects to kill mould, Escherichia coli and pathogenic bacteria in the material. Therefore, some fast food enterprises use tunneling continuous microwave heating equipment to treat box meals in the production process. It has achieved unprecedented results in rapid temperature recovery and sterilization.

Fast food companies can centralize the purchase of fast food raw materials by using microwave heating equipment ; unified processing; industrial production links; reasonable nutrition ratio; the preservation process of fast food will not change; microwave centralized heating; comprehensive introduction of the concept of environmental protection. To achieve fast food industry nutrition, health, fast and social and economic development level.

60KW microwave fast food heating equipment can handle 1200-1500 boxes (500g boxed meals) per hour, and this equipment can also play a flavoring effect in the process of boxed meals heating, so that the boxed meals taste good and taste good. This is because microwave in the process of heating the boxed meals makes the water molecules in the material carry out molecular movement, so the flavoring effect is produced. 。 This equipment is suitable for heating, low temperature disinfection and sterilization of cold-chain box fast food, and heating and reheating of hot-chain box food. Microwave-processed box-type fast food can keep the nutritional ingredients of its original products by heating, low temperature disinfection and sterilization.

microwave fast food heating equipment processed cold chain box fast food has no pollution, clean and hygienic, fast disinfection and sterilization speed, good heating uniformity, etc. This machine is also suitable for the sterilization of drinks and tableware. Microwave fast food heating equipment specifications can be designed and manufactured according to the production capacity, product characteristics and production process. Characteristics of

microwave fast food heating equipment 1. Short heating time and high efficiency; 2. Low temperature sterilization to maintain nutrient composition and traditional flavor; 3. Saving energy; 4. Heating sterilization is uniform and thorough; 5. Easy to control; 6. Simple equipment and advanced technology; 7. Improve working conditions and save space.

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