Feasibility Analysis of Various Drying Methods of Rose Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

At present, physical drying, hot air drying, microwave drying, microwave vacuum drying and microwave heat pump combined drying are the main drying methods used in rose dryer .

1. At present, hot air drying is mostly used for bitter water rose buds. Because of the serious atrophy of petals, the color of petals becomes purple and the drying is not uniform. The phenolic pigments are easily oxidized by hot air drying under atmospheric pressure, which destroys the original color and causes browning. This traditional hot air drying method has poor effect on keeping the shape and color uniformity of rose petals, and the drying effect of rose petals is not good.

2. Vacuum freeze-drying of rose petals can maximize the color, shape and tissue composition of rose petals and obtain high-quality products, which is an ideal drying method. But vacuum freeze-drying consumes a lot of energy, has a long production cycle, a large one-time investment, and high maintenance and maintenance costs. At present, some enterprises use microwave vacuum drying to dry rose petals, which can combine the rapid and efficient microwave drying with the low temperature drying of vacuum drying, and use microwave to dry materials under vacuum conditions. During the drying process, the temperature is always controlled at about 40 C, which has a good effect on maintaining the color and shape of dried flowers. After drying, the water content of stamens and petals is more uniform, without scorched edges, and the shape of flowers remains basically unchanged. Compared with hot air drying, microwave vacuum drying is faster, lower temperature and more efficient. Therefore, microwave vacuum drying is a new attempt for rose drying.

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