Working Principle of Air Energy Heat Pump Drying Room

- May 06, 2019 -

The application of air-energy heat pump dryer is more and more widely in the market. The dryer system is a complex system engineering, which is mainly composed of two parts: the main engine and the drying room. What role does the drying room play in the whole system? Principle of

Air Energy Heat Pump Heating: Host heating, heat from air is fed into the drying room through fan. In the drying process, the air inlet is equipped with a temperature detector, and the work of the heat pump host can be automatically controlled according to the air inlet temperature. When the hot air temperature of the inlet is lower than the set temperature (e.g. 60 degrees), the heat pump mainframe starts to work, increasing the hot air supply to meet the drying needs of materials. When the hot air temperature of the inlet reaches the set temperature (e.g. 70 degrees), the heat pump mainframe stops working. Usually the heating time is in the early stage, and the holding time is in the later stage. The lower the temperature requirement of the drying room, the longer the holding time, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. Principle of dehumidification of

heat pump system: dehumidification system is controlled automatically by heat pump drying equipment system. When the temperature is set to 40 C and humidity is set to 60%, the dehumidifier opens automatically and the water vapor extracted is discharged into the atmosphere. When the temperature and humidity are lower than the set value, the exhaust fan will automatically close and stop dehumidification. In this way, the purpose of dehumidification is achieved.

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