Design and installation of heat pump drying room

- May 06, 2019 -

The heat pump dryer system is a complex project, the design and installation of drying room will directly affect the quality of drying materials. So we need professional design and installation master installation. The technicians who have 10 years experience in microwave installation introduced the installation process of heat pump drying room to us.

Step 1: Drying room design

is essentially an air energy and heat lifting device. High temperature heat pump drying unit uses the inverse Carnot principle to absorb heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (object with higher temperature). Its working principle is the same as that of refrigeration machine. It works according to the inverse Carnot cycle, but the working temperature is different. The scope is different. The heat pump dryer is used to dry all kinds of fruits, vegetables and agricultural products. The drying effect is better, the drying speed is faster, the environmental protection is zero pollution, and the energy consumption is low, and the intelligent automatic work.

Step 2: Drying room selection

drying room plate using 10 mm thick polyurethane foam insulation, internal and external 0.376 color steel plate; bottom plate using 10 mm thick polyurethane foam insulation, internal and external galvanized plate. The drying door also uses 10mm thick foam insulation, according to the demand can be used single and double open doors, the system has single and double open doors; considering the cost, we need to use single open doors, double open doors cost twice as much as single open doors. Explosion-proof lamps are needed in the interior of the oven. Stainless steel is recommended if air ducts or fan panels are used inside the oven.

Step 3: Installation of drying room < / P >

Installation steps are as follows: plate blanking (according to pre-designed drawings, serial number of the manufacturer of board house, orderly placement) & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & glass glue & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & fixing the next plate, cyclically installing other plates, eventually, each plate. A piece of plate is fixed well; installation needs to select workers who have experience in drying room installation, 3 to 4 people can install the drying room in about 6 hours.

drying room installation site of a modern model room with safety, environmental protection and energy saving, using high temperature drying heat pump unit, can replace the original drying system (e.g. coal-fired boiler, electric boiler, oil boiler drying system, etc.). Welcome to visit and inspect, the highest air outlet temperature can reach 80 C, the control can be through touch screen man-machine interaction. Control and reduce labor costs.

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