Technological characteristics and structure of microwave sterilization equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Characteristics of microwave sterilization equipment

< p> (1) Energy saving: Conventional thermal sterilization often results in heat loss in environment and equipment, while microwave is directly used to treat food, so there is no additional heat loss. In comparison, it can generally save 30-50% of electricity.

(2) Uniform and thorough: Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material, and then transfers to the interior through heat conduction. There is a temperature difference between inside and outside. In order to maintain the flavor of food and shorten the processing time, the sterilization effect is often affected by insufficient temperature inside the food. Because microwave has penetrating effect, when food is treated as a whole, both surface and interior are affected at the same time, so disinfection and sterilization are uniform and thorough. The microwave sterilization equipment consists of microwave switching power supply, microwave tube, connecting waveguide, heater and cooling system. Magnetron is the microwave generator. It provides DC high voltage current by power supply and converts input energy into microwave energy. Magnetron has many kinds, such as linear beam tube and cross-field tube. In food industry, multi-resonance magnetron, i.e. cross-field magnetron, is widely used.

p>2. Waveguide devices are used for microwave transmission, interconnection, coupling and commutation. Long hollow metal tubes with cross-section are often used for microwave heating. The excitation and coupling devices in the waveguide are used to establish the required electromagnetic field modes in the waveguide, respectively. Another kind of non-reversible transmission device is circulator, which is often used to connect the microwave source and the resonator. When the microwave power cannot be absorbed completely by the material in the resonator, part of the reflected power enters the tension load through the circulator to protect the magnetron. The resonator is the heater, which completes the interaction between microwave energy and dielectrics. Common forms are box type, waveguide type, radiation type and surface waveguide type.

4. The energy leakage suppressor is located in the material entry and exit of the heater to prevent electromagnetic wave leakage in the resonator from harming the human body.

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