Rose drying equipment using microwave hot air composite drying high quality

- May 06, 2019 -

Most of the roses that need to be dried are buds. If the drying of buds is not uniform, the moisture in the receptacle will not be drained out, which will not achieve a good drying effect. The residual moisture in the rose buds is very perishable, which requires a high drying technology, while the microwave rose drying equipment can fully meet the requirements of the rose buds for drying technology.


Microwave drying equipment mainly relies on the high frequency electromagnetic wave emitted by microwave generator. Under the action of microwave electromagnetic intensity, polar molecules in materials collide with each other several billion times per second and friction back and forth to generate heat. Water molecules in materials will also migrate and diffuse from the interior of materials to the surface with the influence of electromagnetic field strength and temperature, and then emit heat. To the atmosphere, so as to complete the drying process of the whole material. This ensures that the roses are evenly dried.

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microwave heat pump combined cycle - rose drying equipment can well protect the active ingredients in roses, and is the best way to produce high-grade rose dried flowers. Drying method is the most widely used method in the production of dried roses. Hot air circulation drying is relatively energy-saving and pollution-free. Before drying, the processors first need to disinfect. They need to wear sterilized hats, change work clothes, masks and gloves, and then load the materials.

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