Microwave Heating Technology Promotes Upgrading of Box Meal Heating Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave boxed meal is a new application of boxed meal heating equipment at present. The microwave boxed meal heating equipment includes cold chain boxed meal heating equipment, hot chain boxed meal heating equipment, food heating and rewarming equipment, rice heating and ripening equipment, etc. For the heating of cold chain food, it is widely used in enterprises, such as schools, fast food companies, exhibitions and so on. There are also small restaurants that use large microwave ovens to heat. This kind of large microwave ovens is also called fast food heaters.

uses the field energy of microwave field to transform into the heat energy in the medium, which makes the material temperature rise, produces a series of physical and chemical processes such as heating and expansion, and achieves the purpose of microwave heating. Its advantage is high productivity, which can meet the temperature requirement in a few minutes or so. It does not destroy the nutrients, color and flavor of meals. At the same time, due to the heat and non-heat effects of microwave in the heating process, it has bactericidal effect on food and meets the requirements of food hygiene indicators. Microwave heating box lunch is the preferred heating equipment for box lunch at present.

fast-food box lunch heating equipment is mainly made of microwave energy, specially used for heating, can play a great role in cold winter, with high efficiency and strong performance. Microwave boxed meal heating process: kitchen cooking & rarr; meal sharing & rarr; quick-frozen & rarr; packaging & rarr; Refrigeration & rarr; distribution & rarr; microwave heating & sterilization & rarr; meals do not change the flavor. The output of microwave heating equipment is 650-700 g/box: 2400 boxes/hour cold chain 4800 boxes/hour. (Hot Chain) Microwave centralized heating introduces the concept of environmental protection in an all-round way. The microwave leakage of the large opening microwave heating equipment manufactured by microwave production is less than 1 mw, which has been highly recognized and praised by users to achieve nutrition, hygiene and fast food industry.

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