A New Type of Microwave Green-killing Machine for Flower and Tea Products

- May 06, 2019 -

microwave green killer can also be used for various tea, flowers, such as rose, chrysanthemum, asparagus, hibiscus, honeysuckle and other dry green killing. One of the new ways of killing dandelion is microwave. The tea treated by microwave green-killing has good sense, good taste and bright color. After brewing, the active ingredients are fully separated. Microwave greening can save energy, protect environment and reduce production cost.

microwave tea defoliation: the production of green tea, Oolong tea, health tea and so on need heating defoliation treatment to inactivate the activity of polyphenol oxidase, evaporate part of water, volatilize the smell of grass, soften tissue. At present, the method of stir-frying is commonly used in production, and steam is used in a few places. The results showed that the quality of tea processed by microwave and stir-frying was good, but the time of microwave was short (1/8 of stir-frying time) and could be carried out continuously.

microwave tea green-killing: in the general hot air drying process, the material is heated outside, the surface is dry, and the heat is transferred inward. Its direction is opposite to the direction of water diffusion, which affects the outward evaporation of water. The microwave heating is internal heating, and the high water content part warms up faster. Therefore, in the process of microwave drying, moisture migration from the inner layer to the outer layer is faster, and the drying speed is obviously faster than that of hot air drying.

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