Expanded graphite production equipment using microwave heating efficiency soaring

- May 06, 2019 -

The essence of microwave method is the same as that of high temperature expansion method, but the difference lies in the different ways of heating. The high temperature expansion method is to heat graphite from the surface to the interior by means of heat conduction. Microwave expanding method is based on the conductivity of graphite. It uses the magnetic wave generated by magnetron to produce strong eddy current inside graphite, which makes the expandable graphite temperature rise rapidly from inside to outside. Compared with the traditional method, microwave heating can greatly accelerate the reaction rate, which can be increased several times, tens of times or even thousands of times.

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Zhou Nan et al. used microwave method in expanded graphite production equipment . When microwave time is 40 s, the expansion volume can reach 268 mL· g-1. Tian Heqing et al. used flake graphite as raw material to prepare expansible graphite by chemical oxidation method. Expansible graphite particles prepared by microwave method were in the shape of ldquo, worms and rdquo, with large expansion volume. In addition, microwave method has other advantages. Reich et al. found that the microwave method is easier to control, lower cost and more suitable for the expansion of expandable graphite than the high temperature method. Lu Chao et al. found that microwave expansion can reduce sulfur content in expanded graphite, which may be due to the thermal or non-thermal effects of microwave.

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< p> Microwave method is an ideal expanded graphite production equipment scheme because of its simple operation, short time-consuming, low energy consumption and effective reduction of sulfur content.

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