Kaolin drying equipment adopts microwave rapid drying technology to increase production

- May 06, 2019 -

The microwave kaolin drying equipment adopts the latest microwave fast drying technology, which has large production capacity and can be operated continuously. The kaolin materials to be dried are laid flat on the transmission belt of microwave dryer through the feeding hopper, and the time of kaolin coming in and out from the feeding end is controlled within 10 minutes. The equipment is easy to operate, the maintenance cost is low, and the transportation is low. Kaolin drying equipment is widely used to dry various powder, granular, strip and block materials. For example, silicon carbide dryer, copper sulfate dryer, microwave paint drying equipment and so on.

Microwave Kaolin Drying Equipment Main Characteristics: Energy-saving and high efficiency, reasonable structure, excellent production, convenient operation, simple operation, wide use of kaolin dryer, is the preferred product of various coal mining industries. Microwave kaolin dryer can also be applied to similar products, such as bentonite drying, rare earth ore dryer, rare earth material drying and so on.

Kaolin has high whiteness, soft texture, easy dispersion and suspension in water, good plasticity, high cohesiveness, excellent electrical insulation, good acid solubility, low cation exchange capacity, good fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Therefore, kaolin has become a necessary mineral raw material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemical industry, coatings, medicine and national defense.

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