New Scheme of Rose Dryer: Microwave Heat Pump Composite Hot Air Continuous Drying Process

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave heat pump hot air composite dryer, drying roses can be mass continuous production, and to maximize the retention of nutrients and color quality of products. The rose dryer can provide a complete set of automatic rose production line landing plan according to the characteristics of rose, adopting different technological processes and adding necessary auxiliary equipment. Drying output is large, drying speed is fast, heat efficiency is high, dry goods color is good.

Rose dryer (microwave heat pump dryer combined with hot air drying): According to the traditional process, if natural drying is used, it will inevitably be affected by the weather, if the wind and rain, it will inevitably affect the later process. So choosing microwave heat pump dryer to dry not only is not restricted by the weather, but also greatly improves the production efficiency! The development of rose deep processing industry can not be separated from the support of related equipment. In a sense, rose deep processing brings unlimited business opportunities to the equipment manufacturing industry involved. The company has realized a number of rose dryers and rose deep processing production lines all over the country.

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