Process Characteristics of Rose Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

Rose microwave blanching and drying equipment refers to the equipment that can kill and dry roses. Blanching refers to the use of microwave blanching equipment for roses to sterilize enzymes to preserve freshness and maintain the original color. In traditional processing, boiling water is usually used to kill some organisms and inactivate enzymes. Such boiling will cause a large number of water-soluble nutrients (such as vitamins) to be lost, the product color is very poor, and the effective ingredients are destroyed. At the same time, water content of roses is increased in the process of steam blanching, thus increasing the drying cost in the subsequent drying process. Microwave heating can overcome this problem.

New Rose drying process, the process of killing the green roses can be completed by microwave. The equipment to complete the process of killing the green roses is usually called the microwave equipment of killing the green roses. Using the said microwave equipment to process killing the green roses, the quality of roses has been improved, and the cost has also been saved. The process of

roses killing and drying can be completed by one machine or by two parts. The process of one machine operation is that roses are killed and dried in microwave oven again. This is what we call "one machine and two functions". Although this method saves the investment cost of equipment, it increases the operator of equipment. The process of the two parts is to directly enter the strong wind cooling section specially designed by our company after killing the roses, so that the roses can be quickly cooled (to prevent discoloration) and then transported to the microwave drying section for drying. This is what we call the pipeline microwave drying equipment for killing the roses. This method not only reduces the number of operators, but also improves the yield and quality of roses.

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