Microwave Qualitative Equipment for Drying and Bleaching Micro Roses

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave rose drying greening equipment is a new and efficient equipment for drying rose buds. It can be used for both greening and drying. Microwave green-killing equipment is to use the moisture of the material itself to form a vapor environment. With the concussion of high frequency microwave, the effect of green-killing is good and the material has bright color. At the same time, part of the moisture is lost in the green-killing process, which saves the cost of drying. The whole process of green-killing is completed in about 10-20 minutes after drying and green-killing by microwave drying equipment. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate, does not need heat transfer and preheating process, and can be turned on at any time, does not need boilers, coal, and only needs 380V industrial electricity.

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< p> Dry flowers have uniform dryness, green color, no damage to and change the nutrient composition of materials, and have sterilization function. The microwave-dried rose can completely meet the hygienic standards of QS food certification. The use of microwave drying equipment to dry rose buds can maintain the original color, fragrance and nutritional components of the buds.

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