Energy Conversion of Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

As a natural phenomenon, just as water flows from high to low, heat always flows from high temperature to low temperature. But people can create machines, just as pumps are used to lift water from low to high, heat pumps can suck heat from low to high temperatures. So heat pump is essentially a kind of heat lifting device. The function of heat pump is to absorb heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (the object with higher temperature). Its working principle is the same as that of the refrigeratory machine. It works according to the reverse Carnot cycle, but its working temperature range is different.

Heat pump consumes part of its energy when it works. It excavates the energy stored in the environment medium and uses it through the heat transfer working medium circulation system to raise the temperature. The work consumed by the whole heat pump device is only a small part of the output work. Therefore, the use of heat pump technology can save a lot of high-grade energy. In operation, the evaporator absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to evaporate heat transfer working substance. The temperature and pressure of working substance vapor increase after compression by compressor. When high temperature vapor condenses into liquid through condenser, the heat released is transferred to the water storage tank. After condensation, the heat transfer working substance returns to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then evaporates, thus circulating and reciprocating.

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