Increasing Subsidies for Fruit and Vegetable Dryers in Dali City to Help Agricultural Mechanization

- May 06, 2019 -

With the development of agricultural mechanization and scale, local governments have also increased policy input to subsidize related agricultural equipment. The agricultural machinery departments at all levels in Dali City, Yunnan Province, take the opportunity of promoting the implementation of the subsidy policy for agricultural machinery purchase, combine their own functions, increase the popularization and application of fruit and vegetable heat pump dryer and adopt the forms of technical training, demonstration, consultation, comparison and investigation to do a good job in the popularization and application of drying technology, so as to promote agricultural efficiency and increase farmers'income.

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< p> Promoted by the implementation of the purchase subsidy policy, a total of 5324 fruit and vegetable dryers were purchased in 2017, of which, & ldquo; volume less than 5M3 & rdquo; 2486, & ldquo; volume 5-10m3 & rdquo; 136, & ldquo; volume 10-20m3 & rdquo; 46, & ldquo; volume more than 20m3 & rdquo; 2656, with 4561 beneficiaries, enjoying central agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds of 269.9 million yuan, which drives agriculture. The household investment was 64.93 million yuan. Purchase of fruit and vegetable heat pump dryer is mainly used for the primary processing of agricultural by-products, tobacco leaves, walnuts and traditional Chinese medicines. Through the follow-up investigation of the effect of fruit and vegetable dryer on tobacco leaf drying in Xiangyun and Midu counties, it has obvious advantages over the old rural barns.

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First, it is safe and reliable. The whole structure of the old-style curing barn is huge and there are potential safety hazards. During the curing period, the work of filling, discharging smoke and draining humidity is intensive, and farmers are prone to safety accidents. The fruit and vegetable dryer solves this defect in structure and drying principle, saving 1-2 labor per oven of Flue-cured tobacco.

the second is energy saving and time saving. The fuel requirement is low. The comprehensive cost of the same fuel drying furnace can save more than 100 yuan of fuel and 2 days of drying cycle. Third, improve the quality of tobacco leaves. Because of the easy control of moisture exhaust and ventilation, the weight of finished products increased, the glossiness was higher, the quality grade was improved, and the proportion of middle and upper grade tobacco leaves increased by about 10-15%. Fourth, it is scientific, convenient and easy to operate. Temperature and humidity automatic control alarm, a little flue-curing experience of tobacco farmers can quickly master the operation technology.

p>p>p>fruit and vegetableheat pump dryertobacco curing technology not only satisfies the drying principle of Flue-cured tobacco, but also is conducive to the practice of decentralized management of farmers. It has the characteristics of simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, cost-saving and efficiency-increasing. It has been recognized and unanimously praised by the majority of tobacco farmers, and has become one of the important measures of agricultural machinery departments to help the whole state out of poverty, and to promote modern agriculture with plateau characteristics. Industry development provides equipment support.

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