Energy consumption and sustainability of microwave drying equipment are very important

- May 06, 2019 -

microwave drying equipment from the energy consumption and efficiency of equipment: energy consumption of equipment is related to many factors, such as: material output rate, power quality, processing capacity and so on. The output per unit time of the same material with different output rates processed by the same equipment is different. All the processing experience knows that, taking Tenebrio molitor as an example, its output rate is between 2.5 and 3:1, mostly about 2.7:1. That is to say, two and a half catties to three catties of dried products, mostly about two catties and seven or two catties of dried products, in other words, every catty of dried insects will come out. How much energy does it take to turn a catty and a half to two catties of water into steam? What's more, drying insects is to turn the same amount of physiological water and free water distributed in the insect's body and cells into steam and remove them through the cuticle of its epidermis. Some equipment manufacturers exaggerate a lot when they tell users about the output of the equipment, which is actually a kind of impractical. Inter misleading. & mdash; & mdash; the practical data are real.

Microwave drying equipment from whether the equipment can work continuously: a qualified industrial production equipment, can run continuously for a long time is the minimum requirement, our insect industry equipment is no exception, but I have encountered that let us help improve the equipment can not reach, according to that user, his equipment from around May 1 to around the eleventh period can not be at all. Continuous work, the worst time to start an hour or two to stop the equipment to rest, otherwise the machine will automatically protect and stop working. & mdash; & mdash; meeting your own needs is the most suitable for you.

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