Technical Characteristics of Microwave High Temperature Muffle Furnace Sintering

- May 06, 2019 -

The characteristics of microwave high temperature muffle furnace sintering technology are explained in detail

1. The direct coupling of microwave and material leads to the whole heating

because of the volume heating of microwave, the zero gradient uniform heating of large area of material can be realized, the thermal stress in material can be reduced, and the tendency of cracking and deformation can be reduced. At the same time, because microwave can be directly absorbed by materials and converted into heat energy, the energy utilization rate is very high, saving about 80% energy than conventional sintering. The microwave sintering of

2 has a fast heating rate and a short sintering time

Some materials increase rapidly when the temperature is higher than the critical temperature, resulting in a very fast heating. In addition, the existence of microwave decreases the activation energy, speeds up the sintering process and shortens the sintering time. The short-time sintered grain is not easy to grow, and it is easy to obtain uniform fine grain structure with fewer internal voids and better ductility and toughness than the traditional sintered round voids. At the same time, the sintering temperature also decreases in varying degrees. Microwave

3 can selectively heat the phase, and

Because different materials and different substances have different absorption to microwave, new materials and structures can be obtained by selective heating or selective chemical reaction. The heating area can also be controlled by adding absorbing phase, and the microwave transparent material can be preheated by using strong absorbing material, and the low loss material can be sintered by mixing heating. In addition, microwave sintering is easy to control, safe and pollution-free.

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