Instructions for the Use of Microwave Drying and Bleaching Equipment for Tea

- May 06, 2019 -

Tea microwave green-killing machine and tea microwave drying machine are specially designed for tea green-killing, drying, sterilization and alcoholization, which lay a good foundation for tea roasting process. Tea processing equipment uses microwave heating principle to heat, dehydrate, soften tissues, volatilize grass odor, purify enzyme activity and green appearance during heating and heating process. The equipment has the following advantages: reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, compared with the traditional methods of tea green killing and drying:

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< p> 1. The heating speed is quite fast: the microwave drying equipment is directly heating both inside and outside the tea, without preheating, and can be processed on-line. The traditional tea drying must have a preheating process, which reduces the work efficiency and increases the drying time, thus leading to the decline of tea quality. A preheating process reduces work efficiency and increases drying time, which leads to the decline of tea quality.

2, save labor costs and increase work efficiency: the equipment adopts automatic feeding and discharging, the operator only needs to press buttons, monitor the equipment operation and inspect the degree of fresh leaves, only 1-2 people are needed to complete and dry. The traditional work of killing and drying is intensive, and the working environment is poor. The whole work of killing and drying needs 5-6 people.

3. The loss of abundant elements in tea is less. Tea stays in the microwave oven for a short time and does not need air and steam heat conduction, so it can retain the nutrient components of tea to the greatest extent. However, the traditional green-killing and drying methods stay in the drum green-killing machine and dryer for a long time, so the nutrient loss in tea is more. Tea is uniformly heated: microwave green-killing and drying is through the electromagnetic wave generated by magnetron to uniformly irradiate the tea, heating both inside and outside at the same time, no coke leaves, charred edges, debris and so on, while traditional tea green-killing is transmitted to the tea through heating drum and the heat is not uniform, easy to produce external ripening endogenous, external drying and internal wetness.

5. Guarantee the quality of tea: the surface temperature of tea leaves is not high when the microwave is used to kill green leaves, and there is no need to cool them when they leave leaves, so the green leaves change little, the color is green, the storage is durable, and the loss of aroma is less. At the same time, the fast evaporation of water ensures the quality of tea and avoids the loss of substances. In addition, microwave sterilization and drying have the function of sterilization and alcoholization, but the traditional process equipment does not have this function. Microwave especially for summer and autumn tea, removing bitter and astringent taste, is quite effective. This alcoholization function can not be replaced by other machinery. Environmental protection is the first. Microwave tea dryer has the functions of sterilization and alcoholization, and the equipment does not produce environmental high temperature, smoke and noise.

Nowadays, most of the new tea microwave drying equipments are used in the market, which are better than the traditional ones. The process of sterilization and drying has been improved significantly, which is convenient for storage and popular with manufacturers and users in the market.

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