Large vacuum microwave drying equipment can effectively solve the output and quality of Chinese herbal extract

- May 06, 2019 -

The new microwave vacuum drying equipment can effectively solve the drying problem of Chinese herbal extract. After drying by microwave vacuum dryer, the micro-porous particles were observed from the micro-structure. After directly crushing to the required particle size, the fluidity of the particles is very good, which can be directly pressed or filled with capsules. At the same time, because of the micro-loose structure of the particles, the instant solubility of the particles is excellent, and the appearance of the particles is good, for instant (granule) products, the product grade can be greatly improved. The whole drying process is completely closed, not in contact with the external environment, in line with GMP. The distinct features of microwave vacuum drying equipment for Chinese herbal extracts are as follows: (1) low drying temperature, suitable for drying heat-sensitive Chinese herbal extracts;

< p> (2) suitable for drying oxidizable Chinese herbal extracts;

< p> (3) suitable for drying high-concentration and high-viscosity Chinese herbal extracts;

< p> (4) good solubility of products, and all the micro-pore inside the materials can be seen from the micro-structure after drying, and can be directly crushed to the surface. The fluidity of the particles is good after the required particle size, and the instant solubility of the particles is excellent because of the micro-loose structure;

(5) During the drying process, the products are always in the vacuum state, which reduces the oxidation of the products and makes the materials difficult to stick. Maintain its original color, fragrance and taste to the greatest extent, and obtain high quality final products. Vacuum microwave drying equipment is a new concept of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection drying equipment. It has been successfully applied to the drying of Salvia miltiorrhiza extract, Panax notoginseng extract, angelica extract and food malt extract, coffee, milk powder, etc. and achieved good results. For food, because of its short drying time, low temperature, no oxidation in vacuum, and good retention of fragrance; in the pharmaceutical field, for some active substances, API, heat-sensitive substances, vitamins, aromatic substances have a good retention of activity and fragrance.

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