Discussion on heating mode of microwave sterilization equipment for Chinese medicinal materials

- May 06, 2019 -

microwave sterilizing equipment for traditional Chinese medicines can not rely entirely on past experience, pay attention to absorbing new technologies and listen to experts'opinions. Microwave sterilization equipment we know that water molecule is a polar molecule in itself. Therefore, when a material containing water is in the microwave field, the microwave electromagnetic field has two effects on the material: one is to heat the material by converting the microwave energy into the thermal energy of the material; the other is to interact with the biological active components (such as proteins or enzymes) or mixtures (such as bacteria and fungi) in the material, so that their physiological activities are inhibited or stimulated. 。 The former is called heating effect on materials, while the latter is called non-thermal or biological effect.

Microwave sterilization equipment for Chinese medicinal materials Microwave heating mode is instantaneous penetrating heating, the heated material directly absorbs microwave energy and instantly generates heat, so the heating speed is fast and uniform inside and outside. At the same time, the microorganisms in the material will absorb microwave energy to raise the temperature, destroy the protein composition of the bacteria, and play the role of killing microorganisms. On the other hand, bacteria are in the microwave electric field environment, under the action of electromagnetic field, the cell membrane on which bacteria depend for survival exchanges nutrients with the outside world-ldquo; ion channel-rdquo; closing, normal physiological activities are interrupted and stopped, resulting in instantaneous rupture of cell membrane, which becomes an important cause of bacterial death.

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