Microwave drying sterilization equipment has obvious advantages in condiment drying

- May 06, 2019 -

In the production of powder condiments, microwave drying sterilization equipment is playing an increasingly important role. But there are also many condiment enterprises: the effect of microwave sterilization and drying is not ideal; powder condiment caking; products are scorched. In the sterilization and drying process of powder condiments, accurately grasping microwave characteristics and scientifically selecting microwave equipment can improve the quality of condiments, reduce production costs, improve production environment and improve production efficiency, and will effectively promote the development of condiment industry.

Microwave equipment has many advantages in sterilizing powder condiments. Only by correctly grasping the microwave sterilization characteristics, adopting scientific and rational use methods and selecting appropriate equipment, can good sterilization and drying effect be achieved. Food microwave sterilization technicians should not only have microwave professional knowledge, but also have knowledge of food hygiene, food chemistry, food nutrition, food technology, etc. If they lack the above knowledge, many problems will arise, such as inadequate sterilization, raw materials being scorched or baked. Technicians should find out the corresponding reasons for different problems and prescribe appropriate medicines.

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