Importance of Material Testing for Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

The heat pump dryer materials put in at one time are generally larger, and the material itself has a higher value, so when testing, try to carry out small-scale testing to avoid large losses due to improper testing methods. For example, flowers and traditional Chinese medicines, the value of the material itself is very high, and the price of fresh products is not cheap. If the amount of drying test is too large, the risk loss will be greater. For products with low value, such as vegetables, the loss of drying test failure is small, but a small amount of testing can reduce the waste of materials caused by test failure. If the drying room needs to be built in the drying process, it is better to build a small test room, each drying of new materials first drying test, in order to better grasp the most efficient drying process, multiple tests can be selected to make the data more reliable. If the integrated dryer is used, then a small amount of material should be put into the drying test, after many small-scale and small-scale tests, relevant data can be obtained, and the most reasonable drying process can be found through comparison, then in the subsequent drying operation, the quantity or weight of material can be gradually increased, and the overall efficiency of material drying can be improved. At present, when many dealers come into contact with a new material, in order to save time and cost, they usually conduct drying tests according to their own experience, and some of them even do drying directly without testing. Although the general material will not fail in drying, the drying efficiency and product quality may not reach a maximum. Excellent condition, so it is necessary to do a good job of testing before material drying.

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