Principle and Application Advantage of Microwave Food Sterilization Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Principle of microwave sterilization : Microwave sterilization is the extension of microwave heating technology function, which manifests as the basic unit of microwave and organism and their components-mdash; & mdash; after the interaction between cells, the changes and reactions of physiological activities of organism cells, compared with pasteurization, microwave sterilization has the following remarkable characteristics:

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A, microwave sterilization is a kind of organism. Physical sterilization method, it does not need to add chemical preservatives to kill bacteria, fungi and insect eggs, as well as viruses and other harmful human microorganisms. In the process of killing harmful microorganisms, it will not contaminate food residues or radioactive substances, and is safe and harmless. It will not change the color, aroma and nutrition of food.

B. At the same sterilization temperature, the sterilization time is short and no preheating is needed. For example, the killing time of E. coli is about 30S. Under the same sterilization conditions, the temperature of bacterial death is relatively low, and the sterilization effect is very significant.

C, which can simultaneously carry out the whole sterilization on the surface of the sterilized materials, greatly shorten the sterilization cycle and ensure the consistency of sterilization.

D. Because of the simultaneity of sterilization in different parts of the material, the sterilization time is short, which can avoid the influence of long-term heating on food quality, especially for foods that are not suitable for sterilization at high temperature or for long heating time. For example: ginger powder with volatile spices, fresh and tender jellyfish with more water content, etc. Microwave sterilization can achieve the best results for materials that need sterilization as well as quality requirements such as color, fragrance and taste unchanged. Microwave sterilization can be divided into post-packaging sterilization and pre-packaging sterilization. Packaging containers can not be made of metal materials, medium materials are needed, generally plastic soft packaging or glass, engineering plastic containers are appropriate. In order to prevent bag swelling in microwave sterilization process, the equipment can apply pressure in the working bin to adopt back pressure sterilization process, which can prevent bag swelling loss.

microwave food sterilization equipment can be used for sterilization processing of different packaged and unpackaged items: < / P >

< Food products: bread, mooncakes, noodles, tofu, tofu dried, etc. Vegetables: pickles, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc. Fruits: litchi, longan, etc.

. Dairy products, condiments, flavors and fragrances, instant noodle soup, chafing dish seasoning and all kinds of liquids can be sterilized.

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