Detailed Description of Equipment Structure and Component Performance of Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

With the rapid development of the air-energy heat pump industry, the use of heat pump dryer is more and more widespread. There are many brands of heat pump dryer products in the market, and the quality level is uneven. In the selection of heat pump dryer equipment, the brand of compressor, energy efficiency of unit, configuration of heat exchanger and unit, and response speed of after-sale service should be paid more attention. It also has perfect after-sales service commitment and strong technical support team, which is the expression of the heat pump dryer manufacturers'confidence in product quality, and also the worry-free guarantee in the process of product use.

air compressor: as heat pump dryer equipment & ldquo; heart & rdquo;, choosing a good compressor is choosing the right heat pump dryer equipment products. The heat pump dryer is equipped with an American grain wheel compressor, which has compact structure, excellent performance and reliable quality. At present, the businessmen mostly introduce Japanese brand compressors, but in fact some are domestic compressors. Heat pump dryer equipment suggests that manufacturers who want to buy dryers should compare several comprehensive analysis before considering purchasing.

Unit energy efficiency: The unit energy efficiency of heat pump dryer equipment is to measure the thermodynamic economy of refrigeration compressor in refrigeration or heating. The higher the unit energy efficiency, the lower the operating cost, and vice versa, the higher the unit energy efficiency.

heat exchanger: heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of heat from heat fluid to cold fluid, also known as heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is an indispensable equipment for heat exchange and transfer in chemical production process. Among many heat exchangers, the heat transfer efficiency of coil shell heat exchanger is particularly prominent, because it combines the advantages of shell tube heat exchanger and tube heat exchanger. The water and fluorine routes of the coil shell heat exchanger are asymmetrical, and the water routes are more than ten times as long as the fluorine routes. Thus, it is very suitable to make large temperature difference and small flow. At the same time, the coil shell heat exchanger has a huge advantage of self-cleaning. When the heat exchanger is in the working state of heating and refrigeration alternately (the actual winter heat pump heating and defrosting is equivalent to this state), the inner diameter of the copper tube is changed. When the inner wall of the copper tube has scale, because the expansion coefficient of the scale is far less than the expansion coefficient of the copper tube (at least one order of magnitude), then the scale will be separated from the copper tube because of the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the copper tube. Therefore, the coil shell heat exchanger has the highest heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning ability.

Unit configuration: It is better to use 1:1 gold configuration, high-power heating speed is the fastest, which effectively guarantees the service life of the compressor of heat pump dryer equipment.

Host case: Imported titanium fluoride sheet is the best, marine materials are more corrosion-resistant, to ensure that products do not fade and paint off phenomenon for ten years, the industry is mostly metal paint, for the current paint technology, even Mercedes-Benz, BMW paint also has the problem of falling off.

After-sales service: At present, the general heat pump dryer equipment manufacturers are guaranteed one year, good manufacturers 18-24 months, lifelong responsible for maintenance. Heat pump dryer equipment is durable equipment, in addition to some vulnerable parts and refrigerant replacement, the normal service life can reach 15 years. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer with long warranty and perfect after-sales service is also an important part to consider before purchasing the unit. If the after-sales support is not in place, it will be very troublesome to maintain. Of course, more importantly, it depends on the strength, reputation and reputation of the manufacturers.

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