Classification and Reference Method of Heat Pump Dryers

- May 06, 2019 -

After understanding the properties of drying materials and customer needs, the next step we need to do is to select the appropriate host type. The heat pump dryer in the market can be divided into four types according to its drying temperature range: low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and ultra-high temperature:

bull; low temperature heat pump drying temperature is between 10 ~45 (?) C, generally drying time is longer and efficiency is lower;

< b> according to its drying temperature range. Ull; the drying temperature of medium temperature heat pump is between 45 65 C, basically all agricultural products and seafood are suitable for drying in this temperature range, and the speed, quality and efficiency can be the best;

bull; the drying temperature of high temperature heat pump is between 65 85 C, some agricultural products, seafood and industrial products must have a certain high temperature in order to volatilize the bound water inside the articles. It is necessary to choose high temperature machine;

• Ultra-high temperature heat pump drying temperature is between 85 ~105 (?) C. At present, there are few drying products of this type on the market.

p>strong>heat pump dryercan be divided into four types according to its heat source: open-loop, closed-loop, open-loop with heat recovery, closed-loop with out-of-band evaporator (dual energy). According to its structure, it can be divided into one machine and separate machine. Material attributes and quality requirements determine which temperature range to choose. At present, drying units of some manufacturers can adjust a wide range of temperature, and their performance parameters should be understood in detail when selecting them. The environmental temperature, drying season and drying requirements of customers'projects are open-loop or closed-loop, heat recovery or the weight of evaporator units with out-of-band. Reference factors have a great influence on the operation effect and drying quality of the whole system.

and the choice of an integrated machine or a split machine is determined by the amount of material drying. Because the amount of material drying in one machine is limited, it is necessary to refer to the requirements of material drying output and the long-term planning. When the amount of material drying is large or more than drying one kind of material, it is better to choose a separator and build a suitable drying room.

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