New Applications of Industrial Microwave Equipment in Food Class: Microwave Baking Machine and Microwave Baking Machine

- May 06, 2019 -

Industrial microwave equipment is widely used in food baking industry. The company has developed microwave baking equipment, microwave infrared baking equipment, microwave ultraviolet sterilization and baking equipment, with pipeline conveyor belt microwave baking machine and microwave cabinet baking machine, which can be used for nuts and other agricultural by-products, shrimp and other seafood baking, and also for salt baked chicken production. Chicken, duck, etc. are roasted.

Domestic food machinery introduced microwave technology into the design and application of industrial drying equipment. Industrial food grade industrial microwave equipment was developed. Industrial microwave equipment produces heat effect, biological effect, chemical effect and other energy conversion, thus generating a large amount of heat to achieve heating, drying, sterilization and other purposes.

Industrial microwave equipment transforms electric energy into ultrashort wave for penetrating heating and baking. The technology of low temperature flexible baking is adopted, the baking temperature is low, and the nutrient loss of baked shrimp is small. The quality of roast shrimp is good. It mainly replaces the traditional firewood baking equipment. Industrial microwave equipment has high energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed.

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