Brief Introduction of the Latest Microwave Drying and Sterilization Technology of Soybean Deodorization Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Combined with microwave drying sterilization technology, the microwave drying sterilization equipment for soybean deodorization was manufactured and widely used in the application of modern soybean flour. In the production of new soybean flour (deodorized soybean flour), microwave technology was used to dry and deodorize soybeans. The traditional wet process was replaced by dry process, that is, soybeans were deodorized and ground directly without blisters. The production process of soybean flour was shortened and the quality of soybean flour was further improved.

Microwave soybean powder production process: soybean & rarr; sorting & rarr; microwave deodorization & rarr; crushing (dehulling) & rarr; packaging & rarr; finished product

The soybean is sorted by sorting machine, then sent to microwave heater by conveyor belt, and treated with deodorization and sterilization after microwave radiation for several minutes. Microwave penetration heating is not affected by particle size and heat conduction. It is superior to conventional heating methods of heat conduction, radiation and convection. The soybean microwave drying sterilization technological process has the following characteristics: short production cycle, less investment in equipment, high utilization rate of soybean, good deodorization, low energy consumption, high automation and low production cost.

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