New Microwave Drying Equipment Entering a New Course of Pharmaceutical Machinery

- May 06, 2019 -

With the development of environmental protection industry, the emergence of new microwave drying equipment is very necessary. The emergence of industrial microwave equipment appropriately meets the drying requirements of medicinal materials, and also conforms to the current theme of energy saving and emission reduction. Because microwave drying equipment is different from traditional drying method, its heat conduction direction is the same as water diffusion direction. Compared with traditional drying methods, microwave drying equipment has many advantages, such as high drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it has been paid more and more attention in various drying fields. Experts recommend that microwave drying equipment is a drying equipment for Chinese medicinal materials developed by microwave drying technology. It can retain the effective ingredients in Chinese medicinal materials to the maximum extent, kill all kinds of fungi and insect eggs in Chinese medicinal materials at the same time, and prevent mildew and moth during storage. In addition, because microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heater, which is called the whole heating mode. It does not need the process of heat conduction, so it can achieve uniform heating in a short time. This feature can make the materials with poor heat conduction heated and dried in a short time, improve the utilization rate of energy, and also make the size of heating furnace smaller than that of conventional heating furnace. Microwave drying equipment is very popular in the market in recent years, and many manufacturers of microwave drying equipment have invested in microwave technology research and development, trying to grab a place in the market. Microwave industry microwave leading enterprises recommend!

Microwave drying equipment can not be replaced without the upgrading of drying technology, but also the performance of pharmaceutical industry progress. Microwave drying equipment can be said to be a good embodiment of the whole drying industry in the market application, so that people can understand and clearly realize the broad development prospects of microwave technology. With the development of the times, there will be more difficulties to be solved in the future. How to improve microwave drying technology and product quality is an urgent problem to be studied.

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