Case Study of Ground-to-Ground Operation of Momordica grosvenori Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

In a conversation with a friend. Friends recommended air-energy heat pump dryer equipment, Mr. Liang began to try to use heat pump dryer . After many tests, Mr. Liang and his staff have basically mastered the drying process, and can control the temperature and humidity well. The quality of the finished product has reached expectations. The appearance and color of the product are good. The fruit fibers are well maintained. The drying time and cost are much less than that of the firewood drying kiln. When it comes to the drying process of Siraitia grosvenorii, Mr. Liang said that the main reason lies in the control of temperature and humidity at different stages. Taking the drying time of 4 days as an example, fresh Siraitia grosvenorii needs to be dried at relatively high temperature on the first day because of its high moisture content.

make the temperature of the dryer reach above 50 and then slowly rise; the next day is the peak period of the effluent of grosvenori grosvenorii, the drying temperature needs to be raised to 70 75 to evaporate water quickly and remove moisture in time; then gradually cool down to 50 in the next two days, let the water evaporate slowly until the drying requirements of the finished product are The success of

test greatly increased Mr. Liang's confidence. He had a detailed understanding of the characteristics and advantages of heat pump dryer products, and compared the heat pump dried Momordica grosvenori with the drying kiln dried Momordica grosvenori.

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