Skills Sharing in Selection Scheme of Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

With the widespread use of heat pump dryer , the most common problems consumers encounter when choosing a dryer are: how much air-energy heat pump unit is used for drying 500 kg bacon? How is the air-energy heat pump host for drying 2000 kg chili pepper? How many P air-energy heat pump machines are most suitable for drying 800 kg ginger slices? & hellip; & hellip; similar questions are the most consulted. What consumers are most concerned about. Usually, there are two main methods to select the main engine of the air-energy heat pump drying system: one is to calculate the dehydration amount of drying materials and to configure them according to the dehumidification capacity of the main engine; the other is to calculate the total heat load of the whole drying system, and then to configure them according to the heat generated by the unit. The first method of selecting heat pump drying units is to calculate the heat load of the system, and then configure the main engine according to the heat load. This is also the work that we must do well in the design of the system scheme, and is usually a more scientific method. Just like the heat pump heating system, the heat load of the system needs to be calculated according to the heating area, heat load index, cold air permeability and so on. The heat load calculation methods for different drying types of products are also different. But this method needs a very professional heat pump engineer to complete, for the general dealers and users rarely have such professional ability, so this method is generally used in factories and laboratories.

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