Characteristics and parameters of microwave chemical intermediate drying equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Henan industrial microwave drying equipment & mdash; & mdash; characteristics of microwave chemical intermediate drying equipment:

< p> 1. Customized for the characteristics of chemical intermediate with many varieties, special physical and chemical properties and small batches;

2. The whole machine is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, beautiful and generous, easy to clean;

3. Core components of microwave system Independent R&D, manufacturing or strictly customized according to standards;

< p> < strong> 4. All special electrical components for equipment adopt domestic industry standards;

< strong> 5. Man-machine interface operation, automatic control of PLC can realize data storage, output and printing functions;

< strong> 6. Vertical rotary transmission, tray rotation, ensure uniform drying of materials;

< p> 5. 7. Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, high accuracy and long life;

8. Microwave leakage value & le; 1mW/cm2 (national Standard & le; 5mW/cm2). <<<<<<






frequency (MHz)









245 0± 50

380V, 50Hz

6 (adjustable)

1.0× 1.6

≤ 1

Note: The above technical parameters of chemical intermediate drying equipment are based on product instructions, and the specific parameters vary with your customized requirements for the equipment.

< strong>

chemical intermediate drying equipment applicable materials: chemical materials, chemical intermediates, rare earth minerals and other products with slightly smaller output and small batch production.

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