What are the remarkable characteristics of industrial microwave dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave heating is an instantaneous heating process for dielectric materials, and its energy consumption is also low. On the other hand, the output power of microwave can be adjusted at any time, and the temperature rise of medium can be changed without inertia. There is no ldquo; waste heat rdquo; phenomenon, which is very conducive to the need of automatic control and continuous production. Specifically, industrial microwave dryer has the following characteristics:

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conventional heating belongs to external heating, while microwave heating belongs to internal heating. Electromagnetic energy directly acts on the medium molecule to convert into heat, and transmission makes both inside and outside of the medium heated at the same time, without heat conduction, so it can achieve uniform heating in a short time. The absorption loss of microwave is different for materials with different properties, that is, microwave has the characteristics of selective heating, which is beneficial to drying process. Because the water molecule absorbs the most microwave, the microwave power absorbed by the parts with high moisture content is more than that of the parts with low moisture content, so the drying rate tends to be the same. Glass and polyethylene seldom absorb microwave and metal reflects microwave. These substances can not be heated by microwave. When microwave heating, the heated materials are generally placed in the heating chamber made of metal. Electromagnetic waves can not leak out, but can only be absorbed by the heated objects. The air in the heating chamber and the corresponding containers will not be heated, so the thermal efficiency is high. In order to increase the heating speed, it is necessary to raise the external temperature and increase the temperature gradient, but it is easy to produce endogenous phenomena in the external coke. When microwave is heated, regardless of its shape, microwave can penetrate evenly and generate heat, so the uniformity is greatly improved. The characteristics of microwave dryer equipment are introduced above. As a new energy source for processing, microwave heating has its unique advantages, and domestic research on it has also developed rapidly. With the continuous development of industrial microwave technology, it is believed that the application prospect of microwave technology in processing industry will be very broad.

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