The self-consumption and export volume of sawdust heat pump dryer in China are very huge.

- May 06, 2019 -

Central China is the main application area of sawdust heat pump dryer equipment. The main reason is that there are abundant biomass energy in central China, which is the main production base of biomass energy granular fuel. Sawdust heat pump dryer, as the auxiliary equipment of the production line of biomass granular fuel, has developed rapidly in the market of central China.

The annual export volume of sawdust heat pump dryer equipment in central China exceeds 100 units. The main export area is Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has opened the door of European and American markets. Experts predict that the proportion of heat pump dryer equipment export products in the total domestic dryer equipment will reach more than 30%, and the market of sawdust heat pump dryer industry will develop rapidly in China.

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