Heat Pump Dryer Promotes Intelligent Agricultural Drying Machinery

- May 06, 2019 -

With the popularization and wide application of high temperature heat pump dryer , intelligent heat pump dryer has solved a series of problems in traditional agricultural by-products drying, such as depending on the day to eat, high labor intensity, low baking efficiency, poor quality of finished products and so on. Heat pump dryer has been widely used in agricultural by-products, with the advantages of intelligent production, wide application range and multi-purpose. It is well received by the majority of agricultural and sideline products processors. However, in rural areas and industrial agglomeration areas with small scale of production and processing, the popularity of intelligent heat pump drying equipment is still low because of limited investment and low frequency of use.

Intelligent heat pump drying room realizes intelligent control of temperature and humidity and further improves drying quality by constructing digitized, programmed and intelligent operation and control system. Compared with traditional drying cost, it has the characteristics of intelligent control, high efficiency, high thermal efficiency, high quality and efficiency, convenient installation, environmental protection and hygiene. Buying makes users save money and worry more.

p>strong>heat pump dryerproducts should not only be explored in technology, but also in the market and mode. The new mode of rent instead of purchase completely broke the traditional sales mode of dryer industry and was praised by the sellers. High-speed development of heat pump dryer industry to obtain market recognition with new ideas and new models, and then seize the market.

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